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Hairbands and bobbypin storage DIY

November 14, 2012

I’ll admit this is probably the simplest of days you’ll ever read but it is useful. I lose so many hairbands and bobby pins, I thought what could I store them both in nicely and the idea just hit me when I saw an empty  loo roll.

It can hold loads of bobby pins and hair bands, and you could even put a base on it and put grips, hairbands, elastic bands, whatever really inside.

Hairbands and bobbypin storage DIY

What you’ll need:

  1. Your hairbands and grips
  2. An empty tissue roll
  3. A small piece of paper saying ‘Hairbands & Bobby pins’ *optional but a cute personal touch!
  4. Scissors
  5. Wrapping paper or material
  6. Cole tape or glue


1. Take the material or wrapping paper, I used polka dot wrapping paper. Put the empty tissue roll onto it and line out how much you’ll need, how long, how wide etc. It’s better to have too much than too little, remember you can cut off the excess.

2. Tape the end of the wrapping paper to the roll and then roll the rest around the empty roll. Make sure you do it tightly so it’s neat. Once you’ve wrapped all the wrapping paper around the roll add some more tape to secure, trim around the top and bottom if you need to. You can add ribbons or decorations if you want it to look cute!

3 & 4. Now it’s time to add on the hairbands, just stretch them and place them over the top and pull down. To add the grips just slide them over the top, to add a personal touch when I added the last grip I put a small piece of paper underneath with hairbands and bobby pins’ scribbled on it.

And you’re finished!

Hairbands and bobbypin storage DIY

This looks cute on my desk and it’s useful! I find that when I have cute things to store my stuff I make an extra effort to put things where they belong.

Are you always losing your hairbands and grips?
Where do you put yours?

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