Thankyou for helping me reach my first milestone! 100 follow giveaway xo

December 17, 2012

Today I was staring at the giveaway box I’ve been referring to for ages. An empty Superdrug box I’ve been putting things I’ve brought in for my 100 follow giveaway. I decided there was enough to finally commence my giveaway. I was going to add a few more bits but I really just want to get it up, if they come in time they will be added to the giveaway if not, no worries.


So by using the raffle copter widget below, you will be entering to win the following:

  • Studio smokey palette (including a black nail varnish, four labeled eyeshadows, brush and a mascara, it also has some instructive illustrations and a mirror)
  • A clinique makeup bag
  • A pair of sleek eyelashes
  • A pair of MUA eyelashes (sassy)
  • 3 fat jumbo liners (green, blue and purple)
  • Natural Avon hair mask
  • 4 natural lip butter
  • MUA nail constellations (black and blue)
  • Vintage style owl necklace
  • GOSH Mascara
  • 2 x Mini GOSH nail varnishes
  • 2 x MUA lipsticks (6&7)
  • Discontinued urban decay bronzer (exhale) (^ The outer box is slightly water-damaged, the product inside is fine though..)
  • MUA artiste palette
  • MUA glitterball palette
  • MUA undressed palette
  • Small packet of BB cream samples (^Superdrug light and L’OREAL medium)


Everything listed above is brand new and was brought for this giveaway except for the samples which came in the post for free, I put a couple aside to include in this giveaway, I may also send more samples.

So again I’d like to thank everyone who helped me reach this point. I was genuinely so happy to see ‘100’ when I signed into blogger that day. Goodluck to everyone who enters xo.

This giveaway will run until the 2nd of January, there will be one winner. This giveaway is open internationally. I will post this as soon as I can after the winner is announced. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me (@ohso__flawless) or post on my facebook page.

Some of the entries can be done more than once.(once per day until the giveaway ends) so don’t miss out on that xo)

If the widget does not show, click the link to be taken to a page containing the widget where you can enter xo a Rafflecopter giveaway.

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