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I Spy Diy Style by Jenni Radosevich

January 12, 2014

Oh, my I was so happy when I unwrapped this little beauty by Jenni Radosevich (creator of a blog I’ve been reading for a long long time) for Christmas from my sister. With exceptions to the copyright information and index there wasn’t a single word in I Spy DIY Style** that I skipped.

First, let’s talk about how adorable this book is! The design throughout is simple and stunning with bright, popping colors. This looks great. but it’s more than just bookshelf candy.

I Spy Diy Style by Jenni Radosevich

I’ll try to give you a clear breakdown of some of the things you’ll find in this book. Within the first 20 or so pages you’ll be reading: How to DIY; Tips for successful DIY and Insider Secrets.

The DIYS from then on is split into four categories:

One. Red Carpet Ready;
Two. Right From The Runway;
Three. A Touch Of Classic;
Four. Update Your Basics.

Each DIY has a different skill level, whilst some projects are more complex needing certain findings and clothing to carry out, there are also some much simpler and still brilliant pieces created from everyday things like straws, toothpicks and a shoelace like the Gold Statement Necklace inspired by Olivia Palermo; page 32. (one of my favourite DIYS)

If beautiful designs, stunning pictures, and clear instructions aren’t enough, Insider Tips; Project Tips, Jenni’s Tips and Fun Ideas And Alternative Projects are also included.

I Spy Diy Style by Jenni Radosevich

Insiders include:

  • Alison Dahl, fashion designer.
  • Jessica Quirk, author of What I Wore
  • Kristen Nunez, DIY blogger,
  • Keiko Groves, designer of Poslapsaria and fashion blogger
  • Kristen Turner, DIY blogger
  • Gretchen Jones, fashion designer and project runway season 8 winner
  • Geneva Vanderzeil, DIY blogger


Do you read any of these blogs?  I read A Pair And A Spare and follow What I Wore, but I’ll be checking out the rest of the websites and blogs too.

I don’t want to give away too much of what you’ll find in I Spy DIY Style but I definitely think it’s worth a read, it’s more than projects, it’s inspiration on how to revamp and recreate your style to represent you in a way that store clothing cannot especially if you’re on a budget or have a particular style.

Jasmine xoxo

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