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An Eyebrow Miracle

February 24, 2014

Miracles can be bought in the form of a small eyebrow palette costing only 3.95, containing a wax and a complementing setting powder. Mine is absolutely knackered, and if I was the least bit professional I’d of bought another for photography purposes (I need a new one anyway) but that’s just now how I roll, I tend to scavenge for the last bit of product, stress that I’ve run out of it, THEN buy a new one eventually. You can purchase my book ‘How to avoid a stress-free life for dummies‘ in may.

It comes with a double sided brush, one side small and angled for defining the edges of your brows, and a thicker brush on the other side for filling them in. This is a handy little tool, I wish I hadn’t of lost it. The palette also contains a small mirror, big enough to see your brows and eyes but not your full face, I feel like because your brows frame and compliment your face it’s necessary to see a full view of your face when filling in your brows.

Sometimes I think my brows are looking hot but then I look in a larger mirror and it’s a dark, thick mess.

ELF Eyebrow Kit

I’ve never even considered using the setting powder, I don’t think it’s very necessary either because the wax is SO long lasting! But I did test out the powder and it’s very pigmented so I will try it out tomorrow when I fill in my brows. The wax though. Damn. So I’I’ve been using this for a very long time (as you can see^) and it glides on over the brows, you can use a small amount for a natural looking brow or a lot for a strong, defined brow.

Basically, this is very versatile, you don’t need to switch between pencils and powders depending on the look you’re going for because you can get both from this one palette.

It doesn’t smudge easily, lasts for hours and hours. Sometimes I go out from AM to AM and all my makeup will have faded except my brows.

This must-have comes in four shades, light, medium, dark and ash (for bleach blondes?). FYI mines in dark. It’s only 3.95. If you don’t believe how great this is just taking a look at the reviews, 30 reviews, and the lowest rating is a 4star review.

Jasmine xoxo

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