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Free Blog Planner Printout

February 28, 2014

Free Blog Planner

If you want an easy, clean blog planner here’s one for you I whipped up for myself. It has a weekly calendar where you can write the posts you plan to write on those days and a section next to that dedicated to posting ideas. To remember which week this planner was for write Monday’s date where it says ‘week start’. On the back (if you decide to make your front-to-back) there’s a large wishlist area and a part where you can write blogs and websites you want to remember.

Save them both, open and print. You may need to select the option to scale media to fit(I did). If you know your printer well enough you should be able to work out how to print double sided, some printers even do this for you. If not, just staple them together or have them separately it’s up to you.

Free Blog Planner2

Free Blog Planner3

Free Blog Planner4

Above is the front, here is where you can post your blog schedule and ideas.

Free Blog Planner5

And here is the back where you’ll write your wishlist and blogs and websites want to remember.

What could I do to improve the blog planner?

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