Recommended Reads #4

February 25, 2014

Lots of new blogs have found their way into my followings on Bloglovin (p.s HERE’s my Bloglovin link). I’ve had a good look through the blogs I’ve recently followed and carefully selected five I’d like to feature in this post. Make sure you check them out as they’re great reads!


AndBeautyOrSomething | We started talking on twitter about not having a beauty blogging bestie, I checked out her blog, followed and now I’m hooked! Her blog has a nice clean layout, it’s easy to navigate and her content is right up my street. Sarah currently has a giveaway up to win a Mac lippy of your choice.

PrettySquared | is run by two sisters Mackenzie and Miranda, they have a large following as it is and chances are if you’re a beauty-blog-reading-junkie like me you already follow them, if not you should be! Their content and pictures are FAB! The design is clean, cute and easy to navigate. Check out THIS nail art tutorial.

BeautyPea | A mixture of fashion and beauty this one! Rachel is absolutely stunning! She demonstrates products really well which is always a pro for a blog in my opinion as I like to see the product in action. Her blog has a clean layout, great pictures and is easy to navigate (seeing a pattern here?). Check out her ‘how much is my face worth tag’.

BeautyBabbles | Without sounding repetitive, we’ve another clean looking blog, that’s easy to navigate with clear, high-quality pictures here, run by the beautiful Kate. As I said before I prefer reading a blog who posts pictures of the product in action, not only does Kate do this but she also has her fair share of youtube videos. Check out THIS post on how to stay organized.

Kharyelle Cherise | Something different. A youtube channel! I won’t babble here because I’ve already done a whole post on this girl (HERE), in a nutshell, though Kharyelle is a close friend of mine, we see each other regularly and have been discussing opportunities to collab so keep an eye out.

There are so much more great blogs that I follow that I will be posting in the future, I’m always looking for new reads so leave your blog in the comments and I’ll definitely check it out and drop you a comment or two!
Jasmine xoxo

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