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She Moves On Quickly

February 23, 2014

I know in this recent post I branded Vevo’s Wow Pink my new favorite lipstick, and it was, for about two minutes. Yes, I’ve moved on already. ELF’s Studio Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red is my new favorite.

I’m just loving matte lipsticks at the moment, usually, I’m all about sheen and shine and glow (except for eye makeup) but I’m going through a matte lip phase, and I’m loving it. I didn’t know ELF offered matte lipsticks until I saw these jumbo lip pencils, so I immediately popped one into my virtual basket when I realized.

My only complaint is the same complaint I always have about ELF products (and I’m not the only one who it aggravates) is the complete differentiation between the color on the website and the actual color of the product. This makes it harder to chose a color because you never really know what you’re getting.

Rich Red is a beautiful color, much brighter than how it appears on the website. It’s pretty true to its matte claim but doesn’t have the common, expected dry, dragging formula of a matte lippy. In fact, the pencil glides over the lips pretty effortlessly. Whilst it doesn’t drag, it leaves your lips feeling a bit grippy (you can’t easily rub them together).

Vevo's Wow Pink

The pencil is very rich and pigmented, making it hard to sheer out if you don’t want an intense look. At the hour mark, they start to feel a little dry especially if you’re outside in the cold, or wind, though it doesn’t really show. After three or four hours (minimum drinking and eating involved) the intensity fades and you’re left with a slightly stained lip. It’s easy to reapply over dry, faded lipstick and doesn’t settle into cracks and whatnot.

The tube is conveniently retractable, with a lid and the product color at the end of the tube (though, like the website it’s not true to color, see pictures above). The top of the product is pointed at first, doubling the product up as a liner and lip color, after a use or two it rounds out, you can still use it to the line but it’s not as precise.

You can see the product in action here, though a filter is used so the lips appear pinker than they actually are.

Overall this lipstick is just fab, long-wearing, easy to apply, looks great and is inexpensive (3.95). I’ll be picking up more of these during my next order.

Vevo Wow Pink2

ELF are offering free shipping over 15 at the moment. Visit the website here. Are you a matte or glossy kinda person?
Jasmine xoxo

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